Know more about the BRiX FUSION plug-in.

This plugin allows any Figma user to connect to a HubSpot portal, import images to Figma and also export images from HubSpot to Figma.






  1. In Figma go to Plugins > Manage plugins… scroll down to “Create new plugin”
  2. Click on the plus icon to the right .
  3. Now double click on “Click to choose a manifest.json file”. 
  4. Select the plugin manifest.json file. 

Connection to a HubSpot Portal:

  • On FIGMA, open the context menu in any part of your design.
  • Hover your mouse or cursor above PLUGINS.
  • At the bottom, under the DEVELOPMENT menu, select BRIX.
  • Then EXPORT or IMPORT image depending on your needs.
  • Wait until the briX popup screen appears and click on CONNECT HUBSPOT ACCOUNT.
  • A new tab or window will open, with the classic HubSpot integration screen. On this screen, select the PORTAL you are working with and click on CHOOSE ACCOUNT.
  • Confirm the integration connection.
  • Once the integration has been completed, you can now repeat the first steps by heading to the PLUGINS menu, then to Development and then to briX.
  • The popup will now ask you to select an export folder.
  • Select your desired folder and click on the SELECT button.
  • On the new screen, you will be allowed to export or import. Be sure to confirm that you have selected the correct directory. Also confirm that the HubSpot’s portal ID matches the number shown on this popup screen on the bottom right.
  • You can now Import or export your files. 

Disconnect a HubSpot Portal:

  • Go to the settings icon and click on “Sign-out”
  • You can now connect to another HubSpot Portal clicking in “Connect HubSpot Account”.

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