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StartUp Framework basic troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

Like any product in existence, sometimes go wrong. We always do our best to keep these errors to a minimum and assist and repair any error that happens.

We have compiled a list of most usual errors that happen to our StartUp Framework users.


1) What are the minimum requirements for StartUp Framework?

To install StartUp Framework, you need access to :

  • Admin or Super Admin privileges. 
  • Enabled jQuery in the Settings of your HubSpot instance.


2) I cannot install StartUp Framework or receive an error during Installation.

  • Please make sure you have the minimum requisites to install StartUp Framework. 
  • Clear your cookies and browser data, uninstall StartUp Framework from your apps/marketplace/assets area and then reinstall.


3)  I get an error when importing to briX or I forgot to integrate briX before using the StartUp Framework.

Startup Framework requires that our briX platform is integrated and linked with your HubSpot instance.

  • Once you have installed StartUp Framework, head to our briX interface address at https://w.inboundlabs.co/startup-framework/brix#
  • An screen asking for Integration Permissions will pop-up. Click on "GRANT ACCESS". (Ensure you have super admin privileges when doing this step)


  • Now create a simple page in our briX Interface and import it to your HubSpot instance.

4) The modules are not loading correctly or appear malformed.

Please ensure you have jQuery enabled. Also make sure that jQuery is NOT enabled in the footer by un-clicking this option:

5) I'm having a different problem and the troubleshooting suggestions are no help. What can I do?

Contact us! InboundLabs is proud to be a Diamond HubSpot partner level and we strive to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.