Getting Started with Booya

Frequently Asked Questions - Booya

Where can I obtain Booya?

You can get Booya in our official site: or in HubSpot’s Marketplace

Where can I see Booya in action?

You can review our Booya demo on our Demo Page

Can Booya accept Subscription style restrictions and access?

Yes, Booya was created to be flexible to the needs of our customers. Additional features can be requested and added to Booya.


I’m worried about Security. Where does Booya store its Passwords?

The password is stored as a brcypt hash in Booya's database for Sign In with Email/Password option as Husbpot contact is not secure storage for passwords. Profile data is stored in HubSpot.


Where does Booya store the user information?

Profile data is stored in HubSpot Contact, included form fields.


How does Booya manage and maintain the logins across pages and domains?

Booya maintains the login across multiple pages on the same domain. It uses HubSpot's cookies and HubSpot's web tracking to maintain identification.  Each session lasting up to 3 hours on the default configuration.


How does Booya manage the login screens ?

Booya will monitor, protect and show its login options on the pages that have the Booya code.


Can Booya let people create their own credentials?

Yes. Booya can support your own credential creation.


What version of HubSpot do I need?

Booya should work with even the basic version of HubSpot. No need to purchase the Enterprise solution to use Booya.


Can we style Booya’s interface?

Yes. You can. We're currently working on building a comprehensive guide to style Booya. For specific details or questions, contact us here.


What are the current compatible logins I can integrate with Booya?

Facebook, oAuth (Google), LinkedIn, Slack and HubSpot.*


I’m getting an error, what can I do?

Check the installation details or Submit a ticket with the details of the issue for us to help you!


I need X features integrated! What can I do?

Contact us, We offer packages tiered for everyone. Need customization? We’ll do it for you!


Do you still have a question that's not yet answered?

Ask us here



* The available compatible logins or auth APIs that Booya supports can change anytime. Please make sure to check this FAQ for the compatible list before installing this module.